I’ve spent the better part of the last six years waiting — often impatiently– for bad things to end. This New Year’s Eve is different. This liminal space is — despite all evidence to the contrary….expectant. I’m hopeful and prayerful about a great many things to come, and excited about what 2018 will bring. I normally quote Neil Gaiman each year, but instead I’ve written a wish for myself that I also wish for you.

I wish you a bedside overflowing with books (or whatever it is your heart desires)

as many fresh chances as you need to get it right

A longing that keeps you searching for the Source

A goal that extends past your talents

non-stop kisses with last lovers in the moonlight and

conversations that last well into the witching hours.

In 2018, may your recover your peace and your health

and find yourself encircled by folks who love and challenge you

And friends who plot and dream with you.

I hope this year you find yourself in hot pursuit of whatever will not stop pursuing you

and that gratitude becomes your heart song.

I wish you time for yourself and holy silence to grow in.

Here’s to the beginning of all good things.

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