1. Episode 2 of Things I Do At My Desk When I should be Writing:


    1. I’m 97% certain that I bought mangoes during last week’s trip to the grocery store, but I can’t seem to find them in the house anywhere. Strongly suspect that I have rapidly approaching bad mangoes hiding in my kitchen. *gets ups and looks for mangoes*
    2. Wonders: How short is *too* short for my hair? Like, if I get a fade, will my face support it? Would my nose suddenly overwhelm my face? Do I even have a short hair face? (do you even know what that means?)
      *pulls out mirror….fails to imagine what shorter hair would look like*
    3. Is this a Summer cold or allergies? Maybe it’s my asthma acting up–I did wear bug spray during the run this morning…maybe it’s that weird industrial smell in my bedroom. Ugh…my nose is blocked
    4. I guess I won’t be able to smell those rotting mangoes. *gets up and looks for mangoes*
    5. *texts friends to elicit sympathy for asthma/allergy/sinuses*
    6. Maybe I should just buy an air purifier. *googles air purifiers*. I’m not paying for this. I should just go to the office and complain.
    7. Ummm…you’d have to put on pants
    8. Maybe not
    9. I should go outside and write by the pool. I’ll *definitely* be more creative near water. *gets up to find swim suit*
    10. *remembers all seven forgotten points in most recent FB argument, sits back down to type them out*
    11. Hmm…if I’m going to cut my hair…I’ll have to do it before schools starts on Tuesday. You have to show up with a dramatic hair style, you can’t just get one in the middle.
    12. *texts friends for opinions on short hair*
    13. *finds wonder woman bikini*
    14. *texts Chienne* Remember that time you came to Hawaii and we wore Wonder Woman swimsuits??? Lol love ya
    15. Hey, you have on pants now. *goes to the office to complain about bad air that may be causing my allergies/asthma/summer cold confusion*
    16. Returns to house and puts head on desk.
    17. Seriously considers giving up writing forever.
    18. Settles on the new Tegan and Sarah Album for background music.
    19. Maybe I’ll just write a short story today.
    20. Those mangoes are probably rotting as we speak. *gets up to look for mangoes*




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