I don’t remember when I first heard about Improv Everywhere, but I know I spent no less than a day in front of my computer watching all of the videos. You’ve probably heard of them. They get “agents” (volunteers) to go on “missions” where they prank people. Like the Blockbuster prank:



I love this idea of bringing a bit of memorable chaos to everyday life (I think it’s my goal in life or personal tagline) so I was super excited to hear  episode 588: Mind Games  on This American Life where they talked to the creator of Improv Everywhere. Just listening to them describe the pranks out loud made me laugh.

All of these videos give me such joy;  I would love to be a participant in one of them. So I was somewhat surprised to hear two stories of participants who weren’t really into Improv Everywhere at all.

It’s a fascinating episode (also a repeat I think) and they cover this Improve in detail. Check it out.


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