I’m struggling with the writing this week. My  brain wants very much to focus on Idris Elba or Twitter moments or which Telenovela I should start next -literally anything other than writing.

It isn’t that I haven’t been writing (I wrote for about 4 hours yesterday). It’s that I can’t seem to get anywhere. My writing is all one way streets and dead ends that never circle back to anything.

It might be this one particular post that I’ve been writing and revising and then completely rewriting for over 2 weeks now. It exists in about 10 versions in various states of un-doneness. I want to leave it in my draft folder permanently and just move on to something new, but I keep coming back to it. It’s something that I’m passionate about — I just can’t seem to get it to resolve.

The more that I try to write this piece, the more I sense that I don’t really know what point that I want to make. I keep wanting it to happen, but it’s just not ready yet. Timing — in writing as in dating- really is everything.

Some days you just have to remind yourself, maybe even write it over and over again a la Bart Simpson: I am a writer.  And sometimes your work won’t resolve.

*loud loud sighing*  I’m going to go and replenish my creativity well by watching an episode of El Tiempo Entre Los Costuras and then reading until midnight.

Until tomorrow.


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