I have been driving quite a bit lately. My hometown is only 4 hours away and I have a 30 minute daily commute to work which works perfectly with my new found love of podcasts. I have found several that I really enjoy and Reading Lives is my new favorite. Probably because it’s all about books. According to the host, Jeff O’neal, it’s  “an interview podcast with interesting people who love books.” Which sounds like a bunch of people that I would love to corner in a cafe one day.

As an avid read, I find it fascinating. It’s like peeking into someone else’s medicine cabinet, or bookshelves in this case, and making a discovery that they are very much (or not at all) like you: AHA, so you’ve  got trouble sleeping too,or  *grimaces and quietly judges*  I see that you don’t keep Jane Austen on the top shelf.

One of my favorite questions that he asks is something along the lines of: how did you know that this reading thing was a thing for you in a way that it wasn’t for other people?  I have laughed at every single answer because I can strongly identify with the addiction/obsession that is reading (especially when you first start). I knew that I was way more attached to books than most people in the 2nd grade when I scratched my Twin during an argument and my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to the library that week as punishment. Yes, I got grounded from the library. How I cried and sobbed. Seriously, I cried like I had  just experienced a grievous loss like somebody had killed my dog that I’d had since I was 3. Because that’s what it was for 8-year-old me — a loss of something that I cared greatly about.  It was also a very effective punishment and kept me from a life of scratching crimes among other things.

Anyways, I love the podcast and get really good book recommendations from them. All of the writers seemed to have majored in English though which I find interesting as a writer who did all engineering and science stuff. So check out Reading Lives if you get a chance and feel free to tell me in the comments section about how you knew that reading was your thing OR if you don’t listen to podcasts, exactly what do you do during your work commute?? Until tomorrow (I’m actually attempting to write every day — don’t tell anybody).


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