I made a fritata today.

I’m serious.  I even bought this pan for the express purpose of making said fritata.


Yesterday I made a stir fry with shirataki (zero calories!) noodles and the day before that, I made sweet and spicy chili.

It all turned out pretty yummy too. (And I even lost four of the after-competition-I’m-in-Puerto-Rico pounds that I put on).

But that’s neither here nor there since this isn’t a recipe post. It’s actually my end-of-year recap and the four words “I made a frittata” is a great way to summarize 2015.

I don’t cook. At least I didn’t before this year. In fact, If you know me in real life, just reading the above three paragraphs should have you reaching for your cell to give me a call: You made a what?? Are you feeling like yourself?

Well…yes, actually. I feel more like myself than I ever have.

2015 was the year of Magical Living where God dreams your dreams. This year, I stepped out on faith and into the life that was waiting for me. And it’s been crazy and interesting to say the least. I did (and started to do) all kinds of new things.

Normally, I write three  separate posts to review the year: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but I’ve written more than enough about my former life at sea.  I left that job on June 1st  and haven’t looked back.

Instead, I’m only going to focus on the good of this year. Mainly because this last month I’ve been kind of drifting in this weird fog of self-pity and annoyance (with myself and everyone else) and I’ve managed to forget how awesome this year has been.

But as I was scrolling through my my phone, I noticed all kinds of good things that happened this year.

For starters, I turned thirty-fine in April and the Twin and I had a really excellent fashion show for our business.


And, I really put my creativity to work and took some awesome pictures (of myself and my friend, P):

year in review in pictures




And, I moved back to the left coast. I even drove across country with my friend the Hustler. I even saw the Hoover dam:


I attended two weddings for my lovely friends:


And I competed in a Bikini Competition (from which I learned all kinds of cool things like how to cook a fritata, and track my own macros, and eat healthy foods):


I said lots of goodbyes this year to broken relationships and friendships, broken life choices. And, well…saying goodbye isn’t always a bad thing.

And I finished outlining my second novel and finally started writing it (who knew that brown package paper and markers could really inspire creativity). Estimated Completion date Feb 28 2016

 And, my hair stayed winning this year:

Hair Rules

and, maybe best of all, I’m learning Spanish. And it’s hard because I speak with the vocabulary and fluidity of a 7 year old and can only track about 60% of what’s going on on my favorite Telenovela, but it’s the type of “hard” that’s always worth it in the end. And, I did get to go to Puerto Rico for a month of Spanish immersion.


I actually wrote a bunch this year and one of my favorite blog posts is this one.

And last, but not least, I went back to church last Sunday. I have zero pictures of this event, but it’s well documented in my heart.

I normally summarize what all of these events mean to me, but I still have 8 days left in this year to do so.

If you’re not feeling very festive, take a look through your phone and remember all of the good things that happened to you this year.








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