I had a solidly good birthday this year. I had to work and didn’t really get to celebrate being thirty-fine just yet (this will definitely happen at a later date). But, I did get a lot of love from my some of my closest friends.

The lovely P took me out for Italian and Moscato on Monday. We wore pretty dresses and walked downtown. On Tuesday, the Bestie and the newest (hence cutest) nephew, (incredible) Jack-Jack, and I ordered-up Thai food and chilled at home.

On birthday actual, I left work early to have birthday Mexican with my Maggie Boo (who happened to be in town). I then fell into a birthday food-induced coma. I watched 4 birthday episodes of Being Mary Jane and took a long birthday bath in my claw foot bathtub. I stopped by 7-11 for a birthday slurpee before heading back to work.

Everything sounds more celebratory with “birthday” out in front, right? Except birthday work which sounds torturous and slightly perverted (like something you do in an abandoned warehouse in the meat packing district) so I left that part out. But, I digress.

Anyway, This Time Next Year is one of those things that I do at my birthday. I think about something that I’d like in my life at my next birthday. It’s not a goal per se – there’s no action plan associated with it. It’s also not the silent wish that your heart makes with closed eyes before you blow out candle. This is more like a shouted prayer.

No, I didn’t wish for a boyfriend or husband or anything remotely to do with y-chromosomes. Shocking, I know. Instead, this time next year, I’d like for this to be true:
The World Needs People Who Love What They DoThe world needs people who love what they do.

I want that. I want to be the girl who loves what she does.

Exciting, yes? I think so.

What’s on your This Time Next Year list?

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