I am a Titler. I title – I name– things all the time whether its cds that I make for my friends or the dudes that I date (Ahem Mayor and Magician). I titled my 30th birthday party: The Good Versus Evil Party. I’ve even titled this year as The Year of Magical Living. I’ll probably title my wedding, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The title is generally the first thing that I come up with when I sit down to write a blog post or even my novel.

There’s so much magic in a good  title. Like this one for instance – do you know the name of this Salvador Dali painting of the melting clocks?

It’s called Persistence of Memory. Awesome title, yes? Which makes me think of all kinds of interrelated and interesting things that have nothing and everything to do with melting clocks.

I like the thematic nature of a good title. How it can sum up and describe meaning in so few words. A good title is like the perfect introduction where no one manages to bungle your name or drip sweat on your hands. It invites you to go deeper into the story (whether in real life or in fiction).

It’s one of the main reasons why I decided to choose a Word of The Year instead of doing New Year’s resolutions last year.  Instead of trying to get skinny, save money, eat better, get married, be nicer, run faster, give more, love Jesus, stop loving the wrong boys. stop cursing, clean more, learn  to cook etc, I just focused on Grit. Specifically, True Grit. Instead of trying to do everything, I focused on becoming someone who could ride out the storm without losing her tether.

And it worked. No matter how much ugliness the Year of Bottomless Suck (aka 2014 –may you rest in peace) threw my way, I learned resilience in the face of difficulty. I developed stick-with-it-ness even when my circumstances grew remarkably dark.  I became grittier than a lifeguard. Truth.

This year I have some actual resolutions — there are things that I must do. But when I look at my neatly formatted list of goals for 2015, the word Pursuit comes to mind.2015/01/img_0828.jpg

I am on quest and I am striving to obtain some very specific goals (more on that on Friday). This is the word that ties everything together. It’s the one word that I will think of when I don’t want to wake up at 3 am to work out. It’s the mantra I will chant to myself on the days when I do not want to write a blog post. It’s what I will continue to do even when I meet opposition.

That’s me: The Girl In Pursuit Of….

What’s your word for 2015?

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