2015 is here! And I’m super excited about all of the cool ideas and writing that I have planned for this blog and for you, Dearest Reader. But I’m going to delay for just one day more. There’s still one piece of unfinished business from 2014 remaining. Yep, you guessed it: The Magician.

The Magician just revealed his third and final act. To be clear, he was always leaving. It was never a matter of if,  but always when. Tigers don’t change their stripes and magicians never cease with their disappearing acts.

It started out innocuously enough with exchanging basic pleasantries over text before taking the following detour.  Two things before you read on: 1) The Magician’s government name is Chris (obvi) and 2) This is the verbatim conversation broken up by me solely for the purposes of inserting my snark commentary as I was reading it.

stupid boy text messages

Yes, it’s hilarious that I responded to you asking how I was doing with the same question! So nonchalant. There was obviously something he had to tell me:

stupid boy text messagesI didn’t get where he was going with that conversation. But to clarify: you  just texted me to tell me that you’ve been in DC for all of two days and you’re going to date this girl who you reconnected with today? Because that’s what you came up with when evaluating your life and what to do about it. Date this girl; change your life. What in the internets is going on here?

Color me confused:

stupid boy text messages

Oh no, you definitely read that correctly. He just texted you to say yeah, you know how you and I just reconnected too and it’s cool and lot of fun and all, but I’m not going to actually stick around… or you know, commit to you. Ever. But there’s this other girl and I’m definitely going to date her. She’s blond. Don’t worry about it. Just being #honest.

stupid boy text messages

And that was the entirety of the third and final act. How do you think I responded to it? Do you think I jumped off the high road? Maybe did some yelling and screaming before blowing up that bridge between us?

I did not.

I didn’t do anything.  My response is exactly what is written above in blue. You see whatever this thing is with the Magician isn’t about me. Whatever his issues are have no bearing on who I am. Don’t get me wrong, it stung for a bit and I thought about it for a good  20 minutes afterwards. But then? I realized that I don’t really care. I keep trying to win a game that’s not even worth playing. I keep getting a bruised ego and confusing it with a broken heart. Not the same thing. Not the same thing.

I’m not even mad at the Magician. I wrote him a brief note which I decided not to post. And then I took a look at the girl in the mirror:


You know what I told her?

Hey, you’re wonderful! You do realize that, don’t you? There are so many amazing things in store for you this year. Aren’t you excited?? It’s time. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to pursue the wild dreams that God has for you. Don’t look back. And pay attention — it all goes by really fast.

And then I took her by her hand.

And we’re off…

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