How’s being color brave going for you? And do you really need a soundtrack to be Color Brave? Of course!

Any endeavor that you embark on can only be bettered by choosing an accompanying soundtrack. True Story: I’ve only been late to work once in my life. The sun was already up by the time I opened my eyes and I awoke with that awful epinephrine-needle-to-the-chest feeling that I was not where I was supposed to be. I called in to work and made the requisite apologies and then as I was frantically rushing around the house, scooping up miscellaneous uniform items, I remembered: you’re already late, hurrying is not going to change that fact! And I slowed my roll considerably.
I had breakfast (I never eat breakfast) and spent probably one of the most memorable 30 minutes of my life making a cd called “Late For Work Soundtrack.” There was no morning traffic when I left the house and I merrily drove to work jamming to my appropriately titled cd. I got to work and the first thing everyone said was “you didn’t even miss anything”.

One rarely does. It was the best drive into work I’ve had in my career. The obvious moral here: good soundtracks are required for every endeavor.

On to the first song of this soundtrack: Sara Bareilles “Brave”

And because the lyrics are on point:

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