It’s been a long time (I shouldn’t have left you). But, have no fear. After a nine-month deployment I’m back! And I am getting clear. Perhaps that’s past tense: I’ve gotten clear.

I can’t rid myself of this phrase lately. It’s been playing the bass line in my head for the last two weeks or so and it pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing for the last nine months of my life. First off, I’m not talking about the Ron Hubbard Scientology kind of clear (I’m not in that time zone). I’ve gotten clear as in I finally figured some stuff out. And by stuff, I mean my life.

Hold the applause. Don’t you want to know what I figured out first?

Well, goals for one. But also dreams, this blog, my other blog, ex-boyfriends, the Bermuda Triangle, new boyfriends, enemies, next steps, my passions, transubstantiation, and cold fusion. It was a very productive nine months Ok, so I didn’t rally figure out ex-boyfriends (I think that is a DOD classified super power), but I did get a plan for the rest of that stuff. Not just a plan in my head mind you, but a written down, concrete, actionable type of deal. For serious.

Now you can applaud. (Thank you, Thank you!)

So what does any of that have to do with you, dear Reader? Glad you asked.

This blog is ostensibly for our business – you know that Boutique that The Twin and I own? Only I’ve slightly co-opted it for all kinds of other discussions about pursuing one’s dreams, dark nights of the soul, single girl problems, why my job hates me, self-care — you get the idea. Once I started writing this blog I found that I had all kinds of topics to riff on and well, the blog kind of became this sprawling forest where I was the only thing uniting all of those disparate topics. And while I love that for billions of reason (like narcissism), I’d like to refocus this blog back to the Boutique. This means that you can expect more fashion-related posts including lots of great pictures of yours truly and all of my attractive friends (in PureLove clothing of course).  Some gratuitous pictures to give you an idea of what to expect:


color blocking done right primary colors

.Comportment 3

red coat and pretty patterned dress


What about all of those other topics that I discuss? Well, coincidentally, two years ago I started another blog called PrettyForABlackGirl (PFABgirl) where I wanted to discuss my crazy traveling adventures, boys, living overseas, boys, social justice, God, dreams, European boys, books and all the other fascinating things that make up my life philosophy and occupy space in my head. Well, I’ve written exactly 3 posts there so that space is primed and ready for an upgrade.  Which means that over the Holidays, parts of this blog will migrate to the other blog and both blogs (and the PureLove website) will get pretty facelifts.

Here’s a Venn Diagram for all of your visual learners:

venn diagram of two blogs the intersection of me

The Twin and I appreciate your support and patience as we go under construction for a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting here until the official move on January 1, 2015, but if you’re concerned about missing out on something (and you should be!), then you can always subscribe to both blogs. We’re excited about what the next phase of our business will bring. Thanks for following!



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