This is the inexorable line of Eternity.

line of eternity no beginning no end, God's history

It soldiers on with no end in sight and no beginning in the rearview. It just is.

Maybe Eternity isn’t so much a line as it is an undulating concept. Something more like this?


line of eternity, neverending, God's story


Never-ending. No beginning. It’s really difficult to envision – let alone explain — what a framework that you’ve only heard of, but can’t quite grasp looks like. I am confined by time afterall. I am finite. I have a discrete number of days. I think in minutes and hours and years. It’s only natural that I’d want to measure eternity. That I’d want to hold a yardstick up to it to figure out how long it is. That I’d want to calculate how long it takes for it to be over.
I know so little of timelessness.
Yet God is the Unbound One – the one who exists like this line does. The one who not only sees, but controls, the unfolding of all events: the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms, the constant rip tide of war, the tombs of conquerors. That’s the story that this line tells.
It’s the story of a timeless God. And our time-bound mini dramas are part of that story.
Perhaps I’ve drawn the abridged version when the full-length, commercial-free version looks more like this:



the beautiful line of eternity, stretches out for mile after glorious mile, God's history

Sometimes I think of my small tract of time as the tiniest of dots in the story of eternity. I’m the red center of that leaf in the top right corner. I’m a character who takes up half of chapter six in volume 520 of Book 310 of a multi-generational sweeping saga! ‘m a walk-on. A character with few lines who serves to advance the plot.  But the story of eternity is no more about me than it is about any other time-bound creature.

The story of eternity is ultimately the story of the timeless One who enters time to save and redeem His creation.  It’s the story of us.


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