The average age of the people that I work with is somewhere in the low Twenties — 21/22ish. You would think that this would be an exciting, engaging group. A bunch of people who are excited about life and ready to strike out after their dreams, but that is not the case.

What I’ve mostly found is people who are fearful of what the future holds with little or no direction as to where they want to go or what they want to do.

Just last week a newly-turned-22-year-old, bemoaned the “end of her life”. “I’m not 21 anymore. I don’t have anything left to look forward to.”

What??? I remember choking on my own spit and saying “you need to set some goals in life.” Another 22 year old told me of her dreams of becoming a nurse. “That’s great!” I said, “what steps are you taking to reach that dream?” She frowned at me and said, “well, maybe I’ll do something else. That will take 4 years and I’m already pretty old.” Yikes.

I’ve never met so many people who need some perspective on life. I want to grab them all by their upper arms and administer a healthy shake. You have plenty of time, I’d tell them. Or no time at all. That is the way time works — you never know how much you have until it’s over. So why waste a single millisecond of it? Go hard after your dreams! Go hard after your life. Don’t worry about time because it’s going to pass anyway. Just make the best use of it while you can. Believe that your life is important — that it has value and above all, don’t waste it!

don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way Of course, there are plenty of thirty-year-olds who probably need the same kick in the pants. And maybe, you need it to. So here’s a post card with your name on it: Don’t wait another minute to do the things God put you on this earth to do. Some goals are worth the time it takes to fully pursue them and I guarantee that you won’t regret going for it in the end

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