For the longest time I viewed my life as an obstacle course. An ongoing Olympic event where I was the top competitor — the hometown favorite — the girl to keep your eyes on. I was destined to win whether at work, or play (ask anyone who’s ever played spades or Monopoly with me), or something as easy as attracting the hottest guy in the room. I was out to gold medal in Life.

I’m not sure what I thought gold medalling in life would bring. Validation, maybe. Or value. Or satisfaction? If I could win at life then maybe I’d be worthy of some special honor or designation. People would point me out to their small children and nod thoughtfully, now there’s a girl who’s got it together.

Except I don’t have anything together. And I’m not sure that gluing your life in such a way that nothing untoward leaks out or  living in such a way that everything adds up square in some formula is the way to go about it.  I think there’s a lot more to life than becoming an expert hurdle jumper and test taker which might be why this quote has resonated with me so much:
I want something else now something warm and sheltering

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