And it’s my twin’s birthday too! We’re gonna have a good time…da da da(I think that’s a song or something).

I’m not one of those secret-birthday-people. One of those people who works in your office and is likely to lean over, disturbing you while you’re in the zone,and whisper: shh, don’t tell anyone it’s my birthday. Not me. I’m more like: *kicks down the door* GUESS WHAT EVERYBODY?? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! **cue birthday dance*. I don’t care if you know it’s my birthday and I’ll even have the audacity to ask you: what are you getting me? I’m not the person to sit alone in her room, throwing a pity party because everyone forgot about me. Nope, I’ll throw an actual party and you are more than welcome to come.

Seriously. What’s not important about your birthday? It’s the day that you were born into this world. There will never be another person like you (even your own twin!) and there has never been anyone like you before. So, what’s not to celebrate when a unique, designed-by-God person comes into this world?

So, in celebration, here’s to our birthday: Here’s to being 34 years old and looking much younger (thanks Mom and Dad for the good genes). Here’s to siblings, and best friends and niecephews. Here’s to God’s Grace wherever you find it. Here’s to following your dreams in whatever form they find you. Here’s to clarity in your pursuits and a new year that God allows. Here’s to already knowing my better half and here’s, most of all, to more character in the year to come:Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet

Perhaps that’s an odd quote for a birthday, (perhaps even odder of a thing to wish for next year), but I think it sums of my life perfectly.

I say this every year, but I honestly don’t know how you singlets make it on your own. Life is TOUGH. And fun. And absolutely terrifying at times.Thank God for twin sisters. HUZZAH



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