Everyday Work

It’s 930 pm. I’ve been up since 4 am and I’d love to go to sleep, but there are questions that I need to answer for the inspection team and preparation for tomorrow’s events that have to be done. I’d rather sleep.

Sometimes when I am standing watch at 0200 in the morning, staring wide-eyed at brightly-lit screens, I think to myself … How did I get here? I’ve recently found myself asking that question aloud. To nobody and everybody in particular.

It’s not that I think that work, in general, is a bad thing. I think that people should work. Work is an important part of everyday life. I think much good is done by and to people who put their hands to the till or the plow or even the flashing computer screens each day. Yet still, I wonder what series of (un)fortunate events led me to this type of work? Surely this wasn’t the shiny future that I envisioned as little girl.

This week I came across Tim Keller’s book, Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work. I’m only a quarter into it, but this quote stopped me mid-sentence and mid-thought in my work complaints:

your daily work Time Keller quote

My mind can’t seem to move past that last line: No matter what kind of work it is. No matter what kind of work it is. How about exhausting work? Yes. Stressful work? Yep. Work that I don’t particularly like? That too. Putting my hand to the till, getting out my pick axe each day to climb the mountain once more is ultimately an act of worship to God. I’m going to try to remember this as I go throughout my work each day and see if it changes my perspective.


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