Several things to note:

1. I love tumblr! I love all of the tumblr poets writing their hearts out for the sheer pleasure of it.

2. I love this poet’s name.

3. She’s only 19!

4. I definitely never get the kiss that I want when I want it

5. I might be obsessed.

6. Maybe you will be too..

Shinji Moon

This is a poem about
how you never get the kiss you want
when you want it,

how time twines around your neck, its thorns
digging into your skin so you can never forget
how clinging to a string of hope, threading it
between your spine, and having it unravel before you
in the span of an hour
is worse than any metaphor on nakedness
that you poets will ever write.

This is my reflection in the mirror. This stanza
is the small gap where my fingers try to touch against
the glass.

You can’t even possess yourself; let alone the person
you see standing before you.

The moon
hasn’t come back from the cleaners yet
and I have nothing to slip into tonight that makes my reflection feel

Time is falling through the holes in my pocket. January
is coming soon, and I have a feeling he’s never going to fall
out of love with December.

He’ll still write her love letters. He’ll send her
white orchids on every lonely holiday and pretend that love too
is a place you can cross state lines to get back to,

but it’s that time of the year again, and
calendar sales keep reminding us all that we can never get back
to where we once wanted so bad to lose ourselves in
for good.

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