There is something wrong with the world. You feel it, don’t you? A dozen people get up for a mundane Monday morning workday and never return home to their families. A single person stops their hearts’ beating in an inexplicable, horrific  act of rage. Yet another school shooting or bombing or random act of violence occurs. How did we get to this point where a man picks up a gun and indiscriminately murders those around him? Perhaps we’ve always been at this point.

I said this last year too, but the world is weary. Tomorrow is an uncertain and frightening concept when you can’t be sure if a crazed gunman will show up at your work, or school, or business with murder in his heart and a grudge to put to rest. It’s paralyzing to think that life is so transient, so impermanent; so easily extinguished.

But (and perhaps this is the best but ever), a Savior was born into our weary world. A baby who grew up in the same chaotic and unpredictable world that we currently inhabit. A baby who would ultimately redeem all mankind and change the course of our lives forever. Of course, that is the Easter story.

Today we rejoice in the swaddled small babe; we give thanks for the Answer to our greatest question and deepest need. We remember the manger that preceded the splinter-filled cross at Calvary.

Merriest of Christmas to you all!

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