Fancy Pants

I spend a lot of time talking about what to wear for everyday glamour, but what about Special Days? I love getting “fancy pants.” For me that means a short, colorful dress that looks great when I’m dancing (cause I’m always dancing), high heels and glitter for days. I even have a Pinterest board called Special Day Glamour to highlight all things glittery and amazing.

Today at work, I was talking with a colliend (a colleague friend) and I volunteered to babysit his rambunctious youngins since we all (his two cuties and I) share such a love for dressing up and make-believe. He laughed but I was serious! I often daydream of outfits and fun costumes. For my thirtieth birthday, I knew I wanted a costume party — mainly so I could dress like this:

And so the very memorable Good Vs Evil Party was born and I got to dress like an angel:

I once conceived and executed a New Year’s gathering that was like a masquerade (only it was in Germany and lots of strangers were there) because, well I really wanted to wear a mask (and laugh like a diva).


At my ten-year college reunion,  I found these awesome leg warmers at the Midstore. For whatever reason, not one of the other 35,000 people attending the football game thought to buy them and wear them too:

image (4)

I have been dying to try this mask for at least 3 years now :

I can neither confirm nor deny but it is a distinct possibility that those shiny jewels are in my possession and have moved from Germany to Hawaii to Virginia. I think it’s time to put them to use.

Anyway, that was the original point of this post: to discuss the aforementioned mask that I’d like to try. But, since I’ve never met a short post and my original idea always turns into something completely different, I’ll get to the shifted point of this post.

I spend a lot of time talking about style and taking pictures of myself and other people and  it all seems somewhat pointless. Like, does any of this really matter? There’s death in the world, and politics, and God’s work to be done.  Maybe it’s silly to talk about hair and makeup and the best way to match plaid or polka dots.  Maybe I could be a better contributor to society by spending my free time discovering a cure for cancer or volunteering at a soup kitchen. I’ve been conflicted about this for a while, but I started  reading an amazing and inspiring book called Wishcraft by Barbara Sher. I stumbled across this paragraph last night:

We ordinarily think of personal style as something that “doesn’t matter” – fun, but trivial and optional; a private game we play in our leisure time after we’ve dealt with the serious business of life..just because it isn’t considered “important,” style is the biggest field of free play and free choice left to you. Your deepest resources — your talent, your imagination, your identity — cannot be completely suppressed…Your style is a style of perceptions, a way of seeing and feeling the world, that is unique– as unique as your fingerprints. You are born with it, and it develops as you grow, and it is not like anyone else’s in the world. It is literally incomparable..The notion of competition – the idea that there is someone out there just like you, only better –is untrue.

I’ve been thinking about these paragraphs and this blog and I think I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. This passion I have for dressing up and creating things from my imagination started when I was younger and appears to be a way that I see and feel the world, and, in turn, share the world with others. Everyone has their own way of experiencing and interacting with the world, mine just happens to be through glitter, makeup, and stylish outfits.

Anyways, just some random thoughts:)

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