It’s been a busy week at work. So busy that I am still here! And though, I don’t have the time for my own words, I’ll gladly share Neil Gaiman’s.

A brief confession first:

I am a professing, unrepentant Bibliophile. Just writing that makes me want to take this supposedly brief confession off on a tangent to discuss why I love books so much and provide you an all-encompassing list of books that you should love very much as well. Suffice it to say; however, I do (love books very much). I think the gift of literacy and enjoyment of reading might be one of the greatest gifts my parents gave me. When I was younger, my punishment for the most egregious transgressions was no library this week! That did more for to correct my behavior than any other punishments combined. Do you know what I found most disturbing about the movie The Book of Eli? The books were being burned and destroyed! What were those people supposed to do with their free time in their miserable dystopic world?? Even now, I will lie in a bath with a good book until the water goes beyond the tepid point and my hands are irredeemably wrinkly and cold. I am that kind of a book person. My reasons for this are numerous and varied but as this is a brief confession, I’ll save it for later post.

Here is the afore promised (wonderful) article by Neil Gaiman on why we need libraries and books and daydreaming:

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