Hawaii BFF got married this weekend! This necessitated a quick jaunt to Oregon for a beautiful Fall wedding. It was truly a stunning wedding where God’s presence was profoundly felt. I have plenty of thoughts that I will share on a later post about that.

Today’s topic, however, is hair. My hair to be exact.

I shared a bit about my hair journey in two previous post (here and here), but I haven’t said much of anything about it as of late. Mainly because it’s not an issue anymore. It’s grown out to a crazy length and I know how to style it and how to cover it up when she decides to do her own thing. I have been oddly camera-shy as of late so I don’t have any pictures to show how I wore my hair at the wedding, but the collage below captures the many “looks” that I can generate with my hair.


So how did I get to this point of comfort with my hair? Short answer: Time. It takes time to learn a new skill whether it’s speaking Italian, salsa dancing, or learning to style your own hair. Oh, and you have to stick with it which involves lots of trial and error and requires patience in abundance. Simple, yes?

I realize that it’s easier said than done, but there are no shortcuts to doing something well. Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way says it best: In order to do something well we must first be willing to do it badly. And when I first started trying to style my natural hair, I did it very badly indeed! But with time and practice, I found that even on bad days, I could make something fierce out of my natural hair. And if it wasn’t quite as fierce as I would have liked, then I faked it with a lot of confidence and self-assurance.

Hawaii BFF’s work Christmas party is a perfect example. I wasn’t sure what to do with my hair but I wanted it up and I’ve found that the faux-hawk look frames my face well. So, I went to work with a bunch of bobby pins and voila, fierceness:


There are a plethora of resources for all things natural hair; YouTube is probably my favorite. I merged both of these styles and wore my hair similarly for Hawaii BFF’s wedding this weekend:

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I am still not very adept with bobby pins which makes pin-up hairstyles about 50 times more difficult then they need to be, but I generally figure out a ponytail work around solution.

Additionally, there are blogs galore about natural hair. When I first went natural, I was an avid reader and follower of:



The knowledge is out there, but it’s up to you to put it into practice! I’ll be doing more hair-focused posts in the near future so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!

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