What ails you?

A slight case of heartbreak?

A visit from the ghosts of your past?

General listlessness?

Inability to fulfill your dreams and goals? 

Some combination of these things?

It doesn’t matter what your issue is, I am certain that I have the cure for it. Ok, well maybe not  a  cure per se, but I’ve definitely heard about what you’re going through. I can even describe to you what it feels to be lovelorn or wanderlost or utterly devastated. And not from personal experience either. See there’s this book…

Do you have any people like that in your life? People who offer advice and empathy by way of the written word. Also known as Serial Readers. Because I’m the person like that in my, and by extension my friends’, lives. If something has gone wrong or awry or off-script in your life, I will listen attentively as you describe the sequence of events that took place. I will give needed hugs, and offer Kleenex and encouraging hmm mms and how does that make you feels in the course of your recounting what happened.  I will console you and be a steady sounding board to help you get back on your feet again, but once you have dried your tears and returned to sipping your chamomile serenely, I will suggest a book that I once read that sounds really familiar to what you’re talking about. 

As you were painfully sharing your struggle, I was wholeheartedly listening to you. Really. But internally, my subconscious broke down your issue into component topics and then mentally indexed them against every book I’ve ever read or scanned. By the time you are ready to sit back and sip your tea, that book title is on the tip of my tongue.  I  can’t help it. I am a serial reader.  I’ve been one since my mom introduced me to the library at age 6 — I honestly can’t imagine being anything else. I never quite believe it when people tell me that they don’t read or aren’t readers. How ever do you feel up the empty minutes of your day? I want to ask. What do you do right before you go to sleep at night? How do you learn about new things? Of course, Facebook, iPhone, and television are perfectly reasonable answers — they just aren’t my answers.

Psalms 90:9 says:


And I think that gets to the heart of what reading and books are for me. My life is one big story that unfolds each day, structured in the same manner as my favorite books ( a beginning, middle, and end). There’s intrigue, all kinds of conflict (both internal and otherwise), a storyline I can’t always make out, and  far too little romance. Reading isn’t just a way to pass the time while I wait for something else to happen (be it an appointment or sleep). It’s a way for me to process the things that are happening to me, around me and inside of me right now. Books are mirrors that reflect the greater reality of not just my experiences, but the world at large. I know what it is to feel Anna Karenina’s lust or Javert’s hatred, or best of all, John Ames Bougton’s loneliness that takes up all of the space in Gilead. Do you know what I do when I read a really good book? I buy 12-15 copies of the book off of Amazon and send them to my best friends. I don’t know that they ever read them but I will probably never stop sending them.

I said all of that to say, The Book Doctor is a new feature here on the blog (as of today!) and I can’t wait to  share with you the many excellent books that I have read — you can imagine that you are one of my friends and are receiving an unasked for copy in the mail. ,

With that being said, I would like to prescribe a book for figuring out what you want to do with your life. This seems to be a common ailment for most folks and since I often discuss goal-setting and attainment on the blog, this book was the perfect fit.

413+n0YrGKL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Book Doctor prescribes Wishcraft by Barbara Sher and you can purchase it here. This is both a very practical and dreamscaping book. The exercises will get you to unabashedly, freely dream about what you want out of life and what you want to do. But then, the author take considerable time to show you practical steps and provide tools to achieve your goal. One of my favorite parts of this book is that the author tries to get you to identify the touchstone, or reason behind your goal.

That was a brief review (because this post went in an entirely different direction than I had planned), but don’t worry, there are plenty more to follow.

Happy Wednesday, loveables!

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