APT 23c

I’ve been squatting at my bestie’s house for over two months now. My room is a mess, covered in cardboard boxes of stuff that I was convinced I couldn’t live without during my move.
So I’ve basically turned my friend’s lovely room into a hovel for one (don’t judge!):

It took me forever to find a place to live here in Norfolk. I wanted to live downtown in the historical Ghent district. None of those fancy new places with all kinds of amazingly unnecessary amenities (pool boy? Yes, please) for me. I wanted character. I’m not even sure what that means — I just heard it in some house decorating show and decided that’s what I wanted.

I wanted something creaky with peeling paint, a balcony, original hardwood floors (thanks House Hunters marathons) and a normal layout (I.e I have no need for a formal dining room). Somewhere I’d feel more creative.

It took me a month to find my place. I happened to be on Craigslist the moment the landlord posted it. And I called her immediately and went over to see the apartment within half an hour. I don’t know if it was the barking dog in the master bedroom, the dirty entryway, the house filled with smoke, or the full recording studio in the living room, but I was like: yes, I definitely want to live here!

I signed the least about 3 weeks later and today was my first day back since seeing the place for the first time in May. Yeah. It’s a bit more sketch than I remember.

I don’t know if it’s the back fire escape leading to the serial killer-friendly laundry room in the basement, the super dirty hallways and random mail in the foyer, or maybe its the fact that all of my neighbors are college students, but this place definitely has character.

It’s not as sketch on the inside though and I’m anxiously looking forward to making this mi casa — and figuring out where to store all of my clothing since true character means less (read no) closet space. I’ll keep you updated on my decorating and sketch-reducing plans.




Can you tell that the tub is claw-footed (and recently reglazed)? Cause it is!

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