I came across this quote the other day by Gloria Steinem:

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It’s quite true. Writing is a difficult enterprise and some days I loathe sitting at the computer trying to make the words on paper match what I see in my head. But without fail, I enjoying seeing my blog post count go up every time I hit publish. I couldn’t sleep the other night so I started to re-read my blog posts in the hope that they would bore me to sleep. But, that didn’t happen. Instead, I found some posts that I am rather proud to have written. I’m heading out to sea for the next two weeks so I may not have the opportunity to update the blog during that time. So, I thought I’d leave you with a few of my favorite blog posts.

Time Travel Notice A post in which I attempt to explain the inherent difficulty (and sweetness) in attempting to fall in long-distance love in another language. Sounds complicated, right?

Like A Crazy Person– My thoughts on being a woman in an all-male working environment.

Divine Appointment– How I met my Hawaii BFF.

Meet-Cute– How I’d like to meet my soul-mate

Romesick– In which I discuss my singular love for Bella Italia.

Rememory– A discussion on names.

Time, Tide, Formation Very much like a journal entry. My thoughts the day after an unexpected death.

Things I Don’t Want To Write About— Sometimes I am shocked at how honest I am on this blog. This is “I might want to delete this at some point” brutally honest.

You Can’t Hide Beautiful— The beginning of self-confidence.

Black Women I Don’t Look Like— An anecdote regarding my crazy life in Germania.

I don’t know if you will enjoy these posts, but here’s hoping that you do.

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