War Paint

When you think of “war paint”, this probably comes to mind:

or maybe something more like this:

Maybe if you’re really artistic, this is what comes to mind?

Either way, war paint has been used for centuries during battle to intimidate the enemy and show the strength and warrior-likeness of the fighting forces (not sure the above picture fits that definition).

I personally use the term to describe my use of make up in the metaphorical battles of every day life. I find the process of doing my makeup relaxing in some ways. It is, after all, 20-some minutes of uninterrupted thinking time where I am reflecting (both literally and figuratively). I also find that adding just a bit of color to my face brightens my mood and, having my face done, boosts my self-confidence.

I tend to wear makeup when I am doing something for the first time (or meeting new people), participating in an important meeting, or even a qualification board. Though this is a separate topic for a different time, I have also found that people respond differently to me when I have on makeup (ergo contacts) vice when I am wearing glasses (true story). Either way, I like to put my best face forward.

Today, for instance, was my first day aboard my new ship. I had a slight case of the first day jitters, but I got up early this morning and prayed (for my internals) and put on my war paint (for my externals). And voila, I was ready to face whatever came my way (i.e lost keys, torrential downpour, and being completely lost on an aircraft carrier!)


Just to clarify: war paint does not mean excessive amounts of makeup! I have empirically discovered that adding more makeup does not necessarily make me look any better.  Also, I don’t think this type of war paint intimidates anyone. Unless this is the face that it’s on


Scared? Anyways, I hope your Monday was not manic in the least and that you got your war paint on and felt confident to face the challenges that surely presented themselves. I’ll be out to sea for a couple of weeks so my posting will be a bit out of whack. Thanks for staying tuned!

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