Ah Meet-Cute. Have you heard this term before? If you haven’t, then chances are you’d still recognize it when you saw it. You know that scene, the one that happens in every love story/romantic comedy ever written, where beautiful girl locks eyes with beautiful boy over spilled coffee or the hood of a car, or at her family’s party to which he’s an uninvited guest (Oh Romeo).

That’s a Meet-Cute. Romeo and Juliet is my personal favorite.

This entire movie is a Meet Cute:

And so is the entire 8-season premise of the SITCOM, How I Met Your Mother.

I often wonder about the most anticipated Meet Cute with Future Husband. I wonder if we will hate each other first (is it weird that I think I might hate him first?) I wonder if arguing with him will make my blood boil and make me so angry that my hands shake, until one day I realize it’s really my heart that’s unsteady. I wonder if I will like him instantly — if his smile will give me something I didn’t even realize I was missing. I wonder if i will even recognize our Meet Cute when it happens. Or happened? Maybe we’ve already met! (Though I honestly hope not since a) there’s only one guy I’ve ever dated that I would date again, b) I have experienced exactly zero awesome Meet Cutes).

Imagining my own Meet Cute is how I spend valuable daydreaming time. I am quite creative. Sometimes real situations arise though that make me think Aha! Maybe this is it…

Sunday night one such Meet Cute presented itself. My flight was delayed getting in to Atlanta and as I discussed on Monday, I had a long distance sprint to get to my next flight. I stood in front of the arrivals/departure screen and I must have said the Norfolk Flight gate number out loud. As I started to run, my new sandals slapping against the tile, foot steps matched my uneven pace. You late for the Norfolk flight too? a deep southern voice asked. It was a boy! And he was running along beside me and then we were on the train and it turns out, we’re from the same home town! and our families still live there! and we are both obviously in the Navy and now late for our Monday morning jobs! All divine signs that we were meant to be. (Do you ever use coincidence as a sure sign of God’s will? You have a sister?? Me too! )

We were 6 minutes early to our gate, but the lights were off and no attendant present, and soon we were walking together to the information center. Most interesting of all was how quickly we became a we. We missed our flight. We have to stay overnight at a hotel (in separate rooms!) Our flight has been rescheduled for tomorrow. I’m sure my sister and whomever it is he called wondered why we were suddenly speaking in partner terms.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. He quickly showed me a picture of his pretty fiancé and I was not interested in the slightest. But, I could have been. If he were right. And the circumstances were right — and don’t forget the timing! There’s this Italian proverb that goes: The right man comes at the right time. I think I’ll wait for the right time and leave the future to the One who’s already got it figured out.

I’ll mostly try to avoid being like Kelly while I wait:


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