Changes Afoot

We’re back! Did you miss us? I just returned to my beloved Hawaii after a long, cold month in San Diego. I then packed out my house in two days and am getting ready to move to Virginia. I’m such a duck about the whole process, calm on the outside — feet pedaling manically underneath.

In my head, I like change. I like the exciting new possibilities offered to me, the fresh adventures presented — the vast blank canvas as it were, but in actuality…not so much. I hate change. I am a creature of comfort and habit and this change business deregulates (and destabilizes) my life. How am I ever supposed to get a “routine” going if my life is always subject to such violent upheavals?
Ok, perhaps violent upheaval is a bit melodramatic, but that’s what change feels like sometimes. That’s what change feels like right now. Like some non-benevolent dictator decided to stage a coup in my life.

I can tell you that I don’t always react well to my life being upstaged and coup d’etated. I’m like one of my little nephews when it’s time for a nap — I go down kicking and screaming the entire way. I fight. I rail. I grumble in protest. The weeks before it’s time for me to move, I fight with my closest friends because being the one who always leaves gets harder and harder each time. I push and pull until, like my nephews, I am exhausted and bone tired and I eventually fall asleep anyway.

In hindsight it’s silly that my nephews struggle against sleep the way they do — they always wake up less cranky, well-rested and ready to play again, but every time they go down fighting. Because it isn’t about the nap and sleeping, it’s about control. They want to be in control of their little lives. They want to be in control of when they sleep or whether they sleep at all. I am not much different.

I want to have ultimate control of my life. I want to choose what happens to me and do what I want to do! But in the same way that my sister knows better than my 3-yr old nephews, God knows better than me what is required to mature me and develop me and make me more like his Son.

I am tired of fighting. It is exhausting! I am going to rejoice instead in this move and all of the changes that are afoot. I think Corrie Ten Boom’s words will be my mantra for this year: Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

That goes with my personal life and our store. It’s been a very hectic and busy 2013 so far. We found a new location for our lovely boutique and have been working feverishly to get everything ready for our open house this Friday (22 Feb). We’ve got lots of new inventory and exciting new suppliers that you (yes, you) are certain to love. So stay tuned for awesomeness. Here’s a sneak peek at our Spring line (click to enlarge):

spring into color

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