Did it happen? Did we miss it? Did you believe that it — whatever it is — would actually happen?

It feels like a remarkably calm Thursday night except for the fact that my house might be haunted — but I digress– back to the end of the world.

Did “knowing” the end date change anything about you, your character, or your life?

For me it didn’t change a thing and I suspect that it probably didn’t change much for you either. The thing about The End is that it doesn’t feellike the end. The audience is still clapping and the stage manager isn’t giving you the sign for the final curtain call just yet. You haven’t even started your encore!

The End reminds me of getting older. Each year your age goes up, but you never really feel any older or any different than the day before your birthday. And though death is a foregone conclusion for us all, it doesn’t always feel quite real. You know you can’t live forever, but it doesn’t seem to stop you from trying.

But The End doesn’t wait for us to finish our solos. It stops us in mid-aria or arabesque without so much as a by-your-leave and often without any warning. Sometimes it comes so quickly that we, the survivors, are left breathless by its suddenness and sometimes it is heartbreakingly slow, but The End is always inevitable. Does that sound gloomy? I don’t think it is; I think it simply reflects the laws of time-bound human beings.

If we could honestly grasp the finiteness of our lives, if we could truly understand just how temporary our time is on this earth, an if we realized that there is an End (predicted by the Mayans or not) that might happen to us at any moment then I think our lives might be radically changed.

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