My blog isn’t a secret, but sometimes it feels like one. The fact that I post to it and then publicize said writing on my personal FB page and PureLove’s Twitter page is a sure sign that I don’t mind if people read it. Yet people often mention things to me that I’ve posted in library tones — often as a random aside in the midst of a different conversation. As in “yeah, let’s get pizza for dinner and oh-by-the-way who is this mystical German?” Always in a whispered voice like I’m engaged in something illicit or illegal.

Another question that I have been getting more frequently is are you gonna put this in your blog?” By this, people are generally referring whatever topic of conversation we are in the midst of. And no matter who I am talking to, and no matter the topic, the answer to that question is yes. Always yes. I put most things that happen to me in this blog, splattered about the fashion and store posts. It’s just that you might not recognize it as such since I re-order the sequence of events, change names and locations, and often focus on that one sentence that you said that had nothing to do with the main topic anyway, but keeps repeating like a chorus in my head. My friend L— once gave me a t-shirt that read “Be careful or you’ll end up in my novel.” Truer words were never spoken! Every conversation is an inspiratin for a blog post,

I guess this blog is a bit open kimono. I’m real about my feelings and thoughts, my worries and lack of faith, my desire for love (well, I intend to write about that shortly), my much too quick temper, and don’t forget: my awesome clothes! And sometimes I wax a little too poetic about an ex-boyfriend and ask far too many questions about the current swain, and worry about my future all in one post! It’s like a Taylor Swift album on repeat.

A blog is interesting in that aspect. It’s something like peformance art. You watching me, me writing for you, but really talking and being honest mostly with myself — a performance which doesn’t require an audience to begin with

Perhaps there is something seditious or subversive about writing a blog. Something sacred — or even profane– that makes you lower your voice when you discuss it. This is life we’re talking about here! (well, I’m doing most of the talking). But, it’s life nontheless — my life at that. A life unmasked. No additives, no preservatives. Just one life in all of it’s messycraybeautifulawefulness. Or perhaps that awesomeness.

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