November — or maybe that’s Movember — has ended and my writing-a- blog-post-a-day challenge along with it. Overall, it was a great challenge. I did not write every day — life got in the way in a couple of instances and I got it my own way in others, but I wrote more often than I didn’t. I found that the more I write; the more I have to say. Funny how that works. I like the idea of writing every day and will continue to try to incorporate that practice into this blog.

November, like every other beginning, seemed pretty pedestrian and ordinary, but things definitely were shaken up somewhere along the way and  I haven’t quite recovered. I don’t think I will recover. This month (not necessarily the challenge part but all the other stuff) has definitely changed me. Just how, I’m not sure yet, but I’m certain that I’ll be writing about it in the near future. So thanks for tuning in. See you tomorrow! Stay Glamorous!

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