Lately I have been listening to Melody Gardot’s newest album, The Absence, on repeat. Her voice is soothing like a lullaby or a late night “fireside chat” with your best friend. She has a track-by-track commentary where she discusses the inspiration/idea behind each song and I’ve listened to that alone at least four times now though I despise most commentary. I routinely fast forward through natural hair tutorials on YouTube because I can’t stand to listen to most of the side chatter and end up yelling “get to the point” at the computer screen and I can’t bear audible books in the least. My brain likes to choose her own narrator (Emma Thompson) thank-you-very-much – but I digress.

Melody Gardot did a lot of traveling to get the sound for this album and in her commentary she says something slightly jarring:

I had a notion; I had an idea that there was a bloodline between Africa, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. I had a feeling that they were all connected.

Not sure how to break this to you Melody, but they are connected. There was this thing that happened that you may have heard of called the slave trade which might explain the quite literal bloodline that runs through those countries (and the music too). But that’s a topic for another post. The album is excellent.

Here are two of my favorite Melody Gardot songs:

Baby, I’m a fool (I love the video!)

And Mira from The Absence. How can you not like the lyrics:<br

Mira, look at what you do to me

Mira, look at all the fantasy

Mira, this is such a lovely way to be

In all that I’ve seen,

all the love that I need

Is the love that reminds me of you

In every smile is a trace of the joy

That I feel like a sweet morning dew

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