What’s a Stalker Wall you ask? Exactly what it sounds like. Imagine any movie where there is a serial killer on the loose. There’s normally that pivotal moment in the film when the FBI is closing in and they end up in the killer’s lair and it’s dark and dank and there’s most likely an awful smell. And for whatever reason (serial killers don’t have steady jobs?), the lights don’t work so the police officers’ flashlights always settle on a far wall and there is the Object (or Objects) of the killer’s obsession. Normally it’s surrounded by newspaper clippings,  esoteric quotes, and bible verses galore. And just in case you missed it, there’s always a bulls-eye (in red) around the Person Who’s Next.

Since Serial Killer Wall sounds a bit disturbing and I am not quite plotting anyone’s kidnapping or imminent demise (at least not yet), I refer to it as my Stalker Wall. And maybe there’s no altar, or  animal sacrifices, or dripping candles surrounding my Stalker Wall, but it’s just as important as the real thing!

The wall has been through many different iterations in each place that I’ve lived. Sometimes there are quickly scribbled quotes, postcards, and pictures of Bob Dylan (don’t ask) interspersed in between  the photos and sometimes there are only black and white pictures or white picture frames, but no matter the design, the wall serves the same purpose in each place: it makes me smile and think of  the people who I love (and miss) most. You know who I’m talking about.

My current Stalker Wall is a mixture of frames and has both colored and black and white pictures and looks like this: (and no the pictures aren’t slanted exactly, it’s just that the house lists!)

Some of my other favorite Stalker Walls:

What’s on your wall?

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