In Monday’s post, I wrote about how excited I was to see the Blue Angels at an air show this past weekend. I think excited is an understatement–I haven’t stopped thinking about it all week ! And it’s not so much the Blue Angels as it is the  absolute joy that they seemed to invoke. I’ve been grateful? thankful, maybe? for the awesome weekend that they inspired.

The thing about gratitude is that it inspires more gratitude. I started to think about all the other little, seemingly insignificant, things  that give me such a large return in happiness– those other things that never get old–  and I came up with quite a list. In fact, I’m still adding to it. One day I’ll share it in its entirety, but until then I will leave you with one of my favorites: Jumping Pictures!

I am hands down one of the best jumpers out there. For serious. I will challenge anyone to a jumping picture competition! 1) Because I’m crazy competitive and 2) Because it’s FUN! and 3) Because it never gets old!  There’s no need for 500 billion pictures of you (or me  for that matter) standing straight and staid like a Solider in boring poses next to (or atop) monuments. I would much rather interact with my surroundings.

These jumping pictures never fail to bring a smile to my face when I see them afterward. My friends and I are undeniably happy in these pictures like we are having THE best time in the Universe (probably because we are)  and it doesn’t matter that my mouth is wide open or my face is all scrunched up  and I’m not quite as glamorous as I’d like to be.  All I  feel is the air under my feet and I’m not thinking about myself or anything else at that moment.

Library of Congress with Numero Uno

Lan Kwai Fong District in Hong Kong

Who needs a famous monument or locale? Backyard, Stuttgart

The National Mall, Washington D.C.

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