I tried really hard to write this post on Sunday. In fact, I always try (operative word here) to write on Sundays to get a head start for the week, but that didn’t happen this weekend. Every time I sat down to write, my attention was constantly pulled to the window. I must have jumped up and sat back down more than a dozen times in a 1 hour time span. I was constantly distracted by the thunderous roaring going on outside. No, it wasn’t the neighbors yapping dogs; it was the Kaneohe Bay Air Show and the Blue Angels were flying over my house! I actually went to the Marine Corps base on Saturday and saw the show up close; Sunday was a repeat performance, but I couldn’t not watch them as they flew over my house.

The Blue Angels aren’t a novelty for me. I’m in the Navy and I grew up in a Navy family. In fact, I’ve seen them at various times throughout my childhood (and adult life too), and though I haven’t seen an air show in a couple of years, it was still A-mazing! With every turn and twist, I’d grab the people closest to me and ask “did you see that??” I started to feel silly after a while for getting sooooo excited about an airshow. I’m not a little girl anymore, but I felt like one. And on Sunday it didn’t matter that I’d seen the entire show already, or that I am in the Navy, or that I’d seen the Blue Angels multiple times since I was a little girl because I jumped up every time they flew past my house and I  realized: This never gets old!

It was nice to get that “old thing back again.” You know? That uncontrollable, irrepressible, excitement that makes you feel alive— that excited-5-year-old-first-time-seeing-this feeling. I haven’t felt that way about anything in just about forever. It was a novelty to be surprised by something, and not jaded, or taking it for granted, or not impressed, or any of the other billion emotions and reactions that I normally have. There was unbelievable joy  (and glamour) in just enjoying the moment as it happened without faking a reaction to it, playing it cool, or planning an awesome FB post for it.

My heart will probably always quicken when the jets break the sound barrier or fly in close formation because the Blue Angels truly never get old.

Jumping pictures also never get old!

 What never gets old for you?

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