Maintaining a social footprint is no easy task. The sheer number of social media to update is alarming and overwhelming. A friend suggested that I start Twitter and I almost lost it. I don’t have time to start tweeting; I barely have enough time to write a blog, update facebook and try to grow a new business!  I can see why “Social Media Director” is an actual position.

I was on Pinterest the other day and I follow a woman (that I am still unsure how I started following) who posts constantly–  like all day. And I can’t figure out how she does it. Does she not work? How does she have time to scroll and search through various blogs to come up with these pins?

Tumblr is a similar beast. So many websites with multiple repins. I once sat down and scrolled through a 165 page tumblr in one sitting because… well because I could. It’s like overeating. Your stomach is telling you that it’s full but you can’t seem to put down the bag of chips. I had sensory overload when I finished. I didn’t recall much of what I’d looked at and I couldn’t really remember if any of it was worth the 3 hours that I lost going through it.

Don’t get me wrong– it’s fun to peruse the electronic dreamboards of others. I’ve found some interesting books and artists and tools that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise and I do enjoy beauty (be it people, places, or things) for its own sake. Pinterest is  like Cliff Notes for cool stuff on the internet– one central database that I can quickly, carelessly scroll through and search without having to actually read through the internet myself.  But what then? What does one do with this Stuff that you’ve acquired? Do you actually go through and attempt all of the DIY posts that you’ve pinned? Do you have weekend quests where you look for a dress exactly like the one you that you typed “yep! Want that!!!!” under?

I know from experience that Pinterest can make one feel busy and productive in a way. Look, I’ve amassed 3000 pins, 20 boards, and 17 followers! Yes, but at what cost? And what does it mean?? This Stuff that we pin and reblog and trackback to…what is the point of it? I understand from a “I totally want to polka dot my blue jeans one day and thank goodness there’s  Pinterest to help me catalog and return to the things that I want to do” point of view, but what then? This is digital media so it doesn’t clog up your attic or garage or basement, but I imagine it clogs up your neurons, perhaps even stifles your creativity. How can you create when you are constantly bombarded by the thoughts and ideas of everyone else? What good is pinning and reblogging work out tips and photos of six-pack abs if you are too busy pinning to actually get up and attempt those exercises? What good is all of this inspiration if it doesn’t motivate you to do or create anything?

I’m worried that we’ve become a nation of curators, collectors of beautiful and inspiring things—which doesn’t necessarily translate into creators of beautiful and inspiring things. All of these pins and tumblr posts that are constantly reblogged have a genesis. And where there is a genesis, there is a Creator.  And those are the people who I’d like to follow.  Because, just maybe, they have answers to some of the questions that have been bouncing around my head.

I’m off to polka dot my jeggings; I’ve got a great DIY from Pinterest!

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