“If God had meant for you to have holes in your ears, he would have put them in there. ” ~ My Dad

My dad was not a fan of ear piercing. Holes in your ears, he maintained, were a sure sign that you were usurping God’s creational authority and most likely violating at least 3 of the 10 commandments.  I thought this was a saying that was particular to my father, but it appears that it’s one of those things that (some) dads say to their kids. Like: “don’t make me turn this car around,” or “if all of your friends jumped off a bridge…”,  or my personal favorite, “you are cruisin’ for a brusin.’”

Hence, The Twin and I did not get our ears pierced until we reached the rebellious age of twenty-five, which obviously led to us experiencing the excitement that is finding the perfect pair of earrings about a decade later than most women. This late-in-life discovery is most likely the reason for my obsession with earrings. Think about it. If you got your ears pierced when you were five (or a baby) then you’d most likely be over the newness of holes in your ears two decades later when you turned 25. But, if you are like us, and slow to the glamour that is earrings, then you’d probably still be obsessed with earrings as you got older.

My current obsession (fueled by Etsy) is earbling. I will buy anything that shimmers, sparkles, glitters, glows in the dark, has stars, or is brightly colored.  It has to be a stud though–  I am over the large hoops, dangling feather business. I’ve found that though earrings are a small detail they can have big impact and brighten an average dress or outfit.

I enjoy seeing shiny bits of light reflecting off my earbling. It’s like a tiny, personal light show (or fireworks show depending upon the size of the earbling), a spotlight that heralds my arrival to somewhere as plain and ordinary as the commissary, and above all, is guaranteed to make me smile.

I hope earbling makes you smile too.

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